Susan’s NeurOptimal® Story

Hello! I’m happy you’re here. I am very proud to be a Certified Advanced NeurOptimal® Trainer and a member of a growing, worldwide community of collaborative Dynamical Neurofeedback® Trainers & wellness providers.

NeurOptimal® came into my life as I extensively searched for ways to help my family cope with the challenges & demands of modern day life that often left us feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and exhausted. (Quality sleep is one of our biggest benefits!) Our pediatrician, who was a stickler for research-backed interventions, recommended neurofeedback one day. After finding a provider, we tried NeurOptimal® brain training with open minds. Over the course of a year, my family of four (our kids were 12 & 14 years old at the time) collectively completed over 150 NeurOptimal® sessions. I experienced my own profoundly positive shifts after a series of sessions. NeurOptimal® brain training has enabled my family and thousands of others worldwide to promote our nervous system self-regulation which ultimately helps us manage stress better and feel more comfortable & confident in our daily lives. My personal & professional experience allows me to confidently offer this powerful tool to others.

While NeurOptimal® offers impactful results after a finite number of sessions, we recognize that NeurOptimal® sessions are an invaluable tool to manage stress. When we’re feeling off or our stress ramps up, we train.  As experienced users, we gain tangible results from booster sessions and rely on NeurOptimal® for our mental fitness in the same way we view physical exercise, wholesome nutrition, acupuncture, massage therapy, CranioSacral therapy, and chiropractic care as key aspects to living a healthy lifestyle.  The family that brain trains together lives better together! I’d be happy to share more details with you about my family’s experience if you’re interested.

It’s so gratifying to help people feel & function better by offering a tool that promotes their adaptability, resilience, stress resistance, and well-being in potentially dramatic ways. I’ve witnessed some incredible client training shifts and am committed to making this revolutionary technology accessible & affordable to BTL’s clients. As I considered this career path, one of the first pieces of advice a fellow NeurOptimal® Trainer offered was, “Just be honest.” I pledge this to you in all of our interactions.

Please connect with me to learn more and try it for yourself or a loved one, especially if other traditional interventions have not offered you a more confident and enjoyable lifestyle. I will offer my unconditional support and even help connect you with another provider that works well for you because I understand how challenging life can be when your brain is not functioning at its best potential.

Join us and Train for the Present!



Certified Advanced NeurOptimal®
Dynamical Neurfeedback® Trainer

Connect with me to find out if NeurOptimal® is something you’d like to try for yourself or a loved one!

About Susan

I was born and raised in the Midwest and graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Management/Finance Option. My initial career path after graduation was in the financial services industry including positions: as a state bank examiner, at a mutual fund firm, and in a bank trust department.

My family has two bonded pet rabbits, and my love for rabbits has grown because of them. My daughter and I spent over two years volunteering several hours each month cleaning the pens of 30+ rabbits at a local rescue shelter. Someone needs to do the dirty work!  I also enjoy spending time on the water with my paddle board, hiking & skiing Colorado’s beautiful mountains, and photographing friends, family & nature scenes.

BTL is grateful to be included in this caring group of International Trainers!

What People Are Experiencing

What People Are Experiencing

NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® has been designated a low-risk General Wellness Product by the FDA. It is intended for general wellness use only and is not considered a medical device, treatment, or therapy.