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NeurOptimal® Explained

Interview: Dr. Valdeane Brown, Co-Developer of NeurOptimal® by 180 Nutrition

Interview: Lifestyle Locker Radio Podcast Ep. 140: Optimizing Your Nervous System with Dr. Valdeane Brown & Josh Handt

Interview: Radio interactive SOTT: Entretien avec le Dr. Valdeane Brown – Pensee dynamique non lineaire avec le Neurofeedback NeurOptimal [MP3]

Interview: Dr. Valdeane Brown – Neurofeedback Technology by the Dave Asprey Podcast

NeurOptimal® New User Resources

The Science Behind NeurOptimal® Webinar

The Benefits of ‘Flow’

“‘Flow’ Can Help You Achieve Goals: Understanding the Psychology of Flow,” by Kendra Cherry

“Entering ‘Flow’ Can Make Hard Exercise More Enjoyable,” by Jeremy Sutton, PhD

Stress and Why You Should Manage It

“Cortisol: The Stress Hormone” – Learn why you should manage it better. 

“The Impact of Stress” By Steve Bressert, Ph.D.

Stress Effects on the Body

12 Science-Based Benefits of Meditation

NeurOptimal® Trainer Informational Links

“Neurofeedack 101” by Nikki Sopchak, MPA of Serenity Neurofeedback

Getting Emotionally and Cognitively Unstuck, by Amy McTear of NeuMind Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback As A Path of Self-Development by Robert Lavendusky of Stillpoint Neurofeedback

Veterans Resources

BTL is a ‘Homecoming for Veterans’ neurofeedback provider. The HC4V providers group offers at least one veteran at a time up to 20 free neurofeedback sessions to assist with their well-being.

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