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What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback in which subjects respond to a display of their own brainwaves or other electrical activity of the nervous system.

What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a process whereby electronic monitoring of a normally automatic bodily function is used to train someone to acquire voluntary control of that function.

Brain Training Lounge offers NeurOptimal® sessions for brain fitness & optimization. NeurOptimal® is the world’s only non-linear dynamical neurofeedback® and is a tool that allows your central nervous system (CNS), which includes your brain and spinal cord, to communicate with itself to self-regulate and reorient to the present moment.

The human brain is the most complex structure in the known universe, and the CNS combines information from the entire body and coordinates its activity including one’s thoughts, movements, emotions, and desires. It also controls physical processes like our breathing, heart rate, the release of some hormones, body temperature, and much more. The CNS significantly contributes to our body’s mental and physical health.  Training with NeurOptimal® allows you to exercise your CNS for improved health & general wellness benefits.


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NeurOptimal® is an advanced software process that uses proprietary mathematical algorithms and acts as a mirror for your CNS. It monitors your brain’s electrical signals through sensors, detects the ‘difference’ or changes in the electrical signals in terms of Duration, Intensity, Frequency, or Shifts (DIFS), and creates interruptions in an audio/visual stream that alerts your brain to these changes in real time (256 times per second). NeurOptimal® provides your brain with information (the audio/visual interrupts) about its own activity, and your brain decides what to do with that information. Since we are always learning from changes in our environment (information) and intrinsically move away from discomfort,  the brain learns to reorient to the present moment at a non-conscious level through our orienting response and chooses more efficient patterns for itself. While training, your CNS is giving itself a tune-up to improve its own function and flow!

Ultimately, NeurOptimal® promotes mental fitness and optimal brain functioning by allowing your brain to regain a sense of focus & clarity. It helps you become more flexible & resilient which makes coping with whatever you’re dealing with in life easier. A more fit and healthy CNS contributes to our overall general wellness. Thousands of users have reported a wide range of benefits after training with NeurOptimal®. When you train your brain, you can change everything!

NeurOptimal® was developed by clinical psychologists, Dr. Valdeane Brown & Dr. Susan Cheshire Brown of Zengar Institute, Inc. Since 2000, over four million hours of safe & effective training have been completed by people around the world. You can learn more and access free Zengar® documents by visiting

  • The training is completely noninvasive which means no inputs (electrical or otherwise) or direction are provided through the sensors and/or by the NeurOptimal® Trainer.
  • The neurofeedback training is comprehensive across multiple, ever changing brain frequencies.
  • Everyone is unique; therefore, the training experience is unique to everyone. Each individual session is unique because we are always changing.
  • Training schedules are client-directed. Trainees choose when and how often to train based upon how they feel and budget considerations.
  • While training, your CNS is essentially looking at itself and deciding what, if anything, to do with the information it just received about its own activity. Your brain is doing all the work! An analogy often used to describe NeurOptimal® is that it acts like the rumble strips along the side of a highway. The rumble strip is information that tells you where you are on the road, and you decide if you want to pull off to the side or return to the middle of the lane.
  • The dynamical (ever changing) neurofeedback® is telling your brain what it’s just done in any given moment and invites your brain to ‘return to present’ over and over and over again during a session. NeurOptimal® brain training is sometimes described as power meditation that, unlike traditional meditation, requires no conscious effort.
  • Training gains are cumulative and lasting. Much like training for a marathon improves your physical fitness & resilience, brain training over multiple sessions improves your mental fitness, flexibility & resilience.
  • NeurOptimal® is considered to be training and is not considered to be a medical treatment for specific conditions or symptoms. Since the CNS impacts so many facets of human health, having a healthy CNS contributes to one’s overall general wellness.
  • Training gains are often subtle & seamless and are not always easily recognized which is why careful use of the Tracking Tools helps clients identify the gains they’ve made from brain training.
  • NeurOptimal® has been designated a low risk General Wellness Product by the FDA and is intended for general wellness use only.

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What People Are Experiencing

What People Are Experiencing

NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® has been designated a low risk General Wellness Product by the FDA. It is intended for general wellness use only. It is otherwise exempt from FDA regulation because it does not diagnose or treat medical conditions and is not considered to be a medical device. Seek the advice of your physician for medical assistance.