Brain Training FAQs

Everyone! Adults, teenagers, children, seniors, amateur & professional athletes, parents, professionals, educators, LEOs & First Responders, healthcare workers, caretakers, military personnel, veterans, highly sensitive persons (HSPs have finely tuned central nervous systems), anyone who feels they are not functioning at their personal best, and anyone under stress or highly affected by acute or chronic stress.

NeurOptimal® is a proprietary mathematically-based advanced software process that is designed to tap into our brain’s intrinsic ability to self-organize. NeurOptimal® monitors your brain’s electrical activity and acts as a mirror for your brain that invites it to reorient to the present moment thousands of times during a single session. With over 30 years of development and refinement, the software gives the brain continual information about what it has just done. The brain then uses this information to (re)organize itself to improved states of functioning and flow. It is a form of power-assisted meditation that does not require conscious effort. With NeurOptimal®, your brain is training itself to be more present in order to promote mental flexibility & resilience for personal enrichment.

NeurOptimal® helps promote stress & sleep management and mental flexibility & resilience.  It can help you reveal your best potential and improve your academic, athletic & personal performance, feel better, and find your sense of flow. Add brain training to your existing exercise routine for full mind/body fitness!

It’s best to commit to an initial training schedule, much like you would for a ‘Couch to 5K’ running program, in order to realize and recognize your shifts more quickly.  Training frequency is completely client directed. You can train daily, twice weekly, once weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. Find the schedule that works for you. Shifts can be seamless so infrequent initial trainings will result in slower or more seamless shifts that are harder to recognize so you may not remain as motivated to train. After your initial series, you can benefit from an occasional booster series (several sessions in close proximity) especially if your stress feels less manageable, or you can continue with ongoing maintenance sessions whenever you feel like you need a session. You will likely respond much more quickly to future training sessions since your brain will be familiar with the training. 

Yes. Thousands of trainees have reported effective & lasting results from training. You might want a tune-up if life stressors have you feeling increasingly uneasy. If you do train again, your brain will likely respond to future training sessions much more quickly since your brain is familiar with brain training.

Before the bulk of your initial training, you’ll spend 15 – 30 minutes completing some tracking tools to document how you currently feel and are functioning in life. This is equivalent to how you take a picture of yourself before you start a new physical fitness regimen or implement nutrition changes. These tools include a short wishlist of what you’d like to gain from training with NeurOptimal®.  Since shifts are often subtle and seamless, you may not recognize them right away. It’s not uncommon for loved ones to notice your changes before you do! We revisit your tracking tools occasionally to see what shifts you are experiencing.Its generally recommended that you revisit your tracking tools after each series of 10 sessions. Some trainees notice their shifts immediately; while for others, it might be weeks or even months into or after training that sudden realizations come to light (i.e. you haven’t had a crying fit in weeks or you didn’t overreact in certain situations like you might have in the past).

Yes. Thousands of brains have been trained with NeurOptimal® since 2000, from babies to seniors. It’s also safe to train during pregnancy. NeurOptimal® allows your central nervous system to self-regulate toward more optimal states of functioning. It is completely noninvasive, meaning nothing is invading or pushing your brain in any direction. Your brain course corrects itself.

There are no known side effects from training with NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®. Since 2000, well over 3 million hours of safe & effective training have been completed by all kinds of people. Some people may experience some temporary effects from initial training due to the increased challenge the training represents to the brain. Your brain is working quite hard during a session processing information about itself! These temporary effects are similar to how you might experience sore muscles after a physical workout. These effects, if any, generally resolve after additional training sessions.

NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® promotes mental flexibility & resilience and offers personal enrichment & transformation for a healthy lifestyle. The training experience is unique to everyone. But, the following shifts have been reported by NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® trainees: improved stress & sleep management and an improved sense of clarity, comfort, calm, certainty, confidence, relaxation, resilience, flexibility, focus, and flow. It’s been reported to assist with performance & sports anxiety as well as improve instruction following, concentration, problem-solving, multitasking, logic, pattern-recognition and hand-eye coordination. NeurOptimal® is an effective tool that can help you reveal your best potential in your personal, professional, academic, and sporting pursuits.

Your BTL Trainer makes the training easily available to you. This is your journey, and you drive the unfolding training process, not the trainer. The Trainer asks questions and helps you recognize and identify the shifts happening in your life experience. Shifts are often subtle and seamless, and you may not initially recognize these shifts and readily attribute your improved mental fitness & life experience to the training. Clients who recognize their shifts and realize they are a result of brain training are more satisfied clients.

Since your central nervous system is doing all the work, we cannot predict how many sessions it will take for you to reach your desired training gains.It’s best to commit to at least 15 sessions to start noticing your shifts. The frequency of your initial training schedule is determined by you. Some people notice shifts right away while others may need 20 sessions or more. Everyone is unique and your training experience will be unique to you as well. After an initial training series, you may decide to pause your training and return for maintenance or tune-up sessions as you feel you need them. A booster series, or multiple trainings in close proximity, can be very beneficial as your brain will already be familiar with and respond well to the training. Some people choose to train consistently after finding the training to be a highly beneficial addition to their general wellness.  System owners, Trainers, and some clients pursue NeurOptimal® brain training indefinitely as an undefined goalless practice for ever-evolving personal enrichment.

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What People Are Experiencing

“I have been sleeping so much better since I started BTL again. I’m still having a little trouble falling asleep, but I’m STAYING asleep.”

BTL Client

“Just finished my 4th session. I’ve noticed I’m sleeping better and that makes my days easier to handle!”


“My daughter, who is struggling with anxiety and sensitivity issues, has been benefiting from regular Neurofeedback sessions. She is finding calm in the storm, giving her the strength she needs to deal with school and social stresses. She is more in touch with how she is feeling and reacting to things around her, along with going to sleep easier, and sleeping deeper and better. Neurofeedback is a wonderful tool in our toolbox and we are grateful to have such a warm and empathic provider.”

BTL Client

“My experience with BTL has been amazing! I no longer FEEL stress like I used to. I no longer feel overwhelmed like I used to! I am able to focus more, get more done in shorter periods of time, and relax & enjoy my life more.”


“Always claiming to be low-stress and chill, after a decade of parenting, I found myself adrift in constant mild depression and rising levels of anxiety. After seeing the difference Neurofeedback was making for my friends and family, I sat down in the chair and I am so glad I did. I am finding myself again, my optimism and my silver linings. The stress of life does not go away, but finding my flow better equips me to handle the ups and downs.”

BTL Client

“Since starting sessions with Brain Training Lounge, I have noticed that I am able to calm my anxieties and reach a state of relaxation faster than before. This equates to better sleep for me and for that I am grateful! ”


“I’ve definitely seen a shift in my mental state. I’ve always let things of the past continue to haunt me, and now they seem to be fading instead of haunting.”

BTL Client

“My wife started training in hopes of reducing her daily anxiety so she could enjoy her time spent with our family more. Now she is sleeping well, smiling more, and enjoying day to day life. She is more easily handling stressful situations with a newfound positive attitude. She is much more in control of her emotions and has rediscovered a positive, happy state of being.”

Husband Of A BTL Trainee

“Can’t believe how much easier it is to concentrate. Yay!!!”

BTL Client

NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® has been designated a low risk General Wellness Product by the FDA. It is intended for general wellness use only. It is otherwise exempt from FDA regulation because it does not diagnose or treat medical conditions and is not considered to be a medical device. Seek the advice of your physician for medical assistance.