The Session Experience

  • Clients complete Tracking Tools to gain a baseline of how they are currently feeling and functioning in life. General goals of what the client would like to gain from training may be determined.
  • During your session, you’ll sit in a comfortable chair. The Trainer places two flat sensors on your scalp and attaches three ear clips with a small amount of conductive paste. The read-only sensors capture the electrical activity of your brain at the surface of your scalp. You’ll listen to audio tied to the software and may notice brief, occasional interruptions (the essential information/feedback NeurOptimal® offers) in the audio stream. There are options available to accommodate clients with hearing challenges.
  • Clients do not consciously participate in the training process. Your brain does the optimization work for itself outside of your awareness. You can read, play or work on your personal device, watch accompanied G-Force imagery on a monitor, relax with your eyes closed, or even fall asleep!
  • After a series of sessions, you’re encouraged to complete the Tracking Tools again to identify what shifts are happening in your lived experience.


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What People Are Experiencing

What People Are Experiencing

NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® has been designated a low-risk General Wellness Product by the FDA. It is intended for general wellness use only and is not considered a medical device, treatment, or therapy.