What People Are Experiencing

What People Are Experiencing

A Highly Sensitive Veteran’s Shifts

Rachel trained once in June of 2020 then committed to training with a one month system rental in May of 2021. She shared her training shifts with us in June of 2021. Rachel has accumulated extensive experience in holistic healing methods over the years including yoga, meditation, and Rolfing. It’s been 6 months since Rachel shared this testimonial with us! Since that time, Rachel upended her world when she landed her Dream Job working to help others with Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). She moved to another state and has traveled extensively for her new WWP responsibilities. She now leads fellow veterans along a portion of their healing & recovery paths. She spent a week in December 2021 “guiding, listening, hanging out, encouraging, laughing, learning, talking, swimming, walking, driving, and serving nine beautiful female veterans.” Her highly sensitive self has been jetting across multiple states this fall for work, but she recently purchased her first house with plans to reestablish her home base once again in her beloved Colorado. Rachel also leads a Facebook group called “Self Healing Collective” where she offers her support to others along their unique healing journeys. She sometimes posts “You’re Not Alone” videos to show how she’s managing & working through her own stressful episodes. You can also Follow her on IG @self_healing_collective.

“Natalie’s Story”

by Neurofeedback Australia

In Their Own Words

NeurOptimal® Trainers During
the COVID-19 Pandemic.

(Look who makes an appearance at the 10:37 mark!)

BTL is thrilled to hear about the training shifts experienced by Emily’s family! Listen to what she has to say!