What People Are Experiencing

What People Are Experiencing

“I really feel grateful that I had the opportunity to try it and become a raving fan!” – Amity

Amity shares her thoughts on brain training after she decided to try NeurOptimal® for her mental fitness nearly a year ago. Her biggest shifts include feeling more energy & focus that extend into her afternoons, deeper & restorative sleep, and improved workflow & productivity in her business. She even encouraged her parents to try it. We helped connect them with their local NeurOptimal® Trainer and both have reported feeling a lot more like themselves, more focused, and have more even energy & moods. Amity thinks anybody should train their brain! She has become a raving fan!

“Natalie’s Story”

by Neurofeedback Australia

A Highly Sensitive Veteran’s Shifts

Rachel trained once in June 2020 then committed to training with a one-month system rental in May 2021. She shared her training shifts with us in June 2021. Rachel has accumulated extensive experience in holistic healing methods over the years including yoga, meditation, and Rolfing. Rachel landed a Dream Job working to help other veterans with Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) about a year after her month-long rental. You can Follow Rachel on IG @rachelshri_traumacoach.

“Try it out.
Don’t Hesitate.
Just say yes.”

Hospitality House of Northwest North Carolina

In Their Own Words

NeurOptimal® Trainers During
the COVID-19 Pandemic.

(Look who makes an appearance at the 10:37 mark!)

BTL is thrilled to hear about the training shifts experienced by Emily’s family! Listen to what she has to say!