Train At Home

BTL offers system rentals to clients in Longmont & our surrounding communities so you can train in the comfort of your own home when it’s most convenient for you! Your rental includes unlimited sessions with up to two sessions per user per day as desired.

BTL will meet with you to provide detailed instructions on how to train yourself or your loved ones and will personally hand off the system so you can feel confident while training on your own. We are readily available to answer any questions that might come up while you train with our safe & effective NeurOptimal® Advanced Brain Training System.

A time-sensitive rental is a cost-conscious option that motivates you to train consistently. It’s particularly affordable if your immediate family/household decides to train together.  (The family that trains together lives better together!)

If you’re an experienced NeurOptimal® user, booster sessions with a rental are a great way to manage acute mental & physical stressors or further promote your mental fitness & well-being from time-to-time.

System Rental Rates (excluding Standard Sales & Use Tax)

14 Days

$450 (One Brain)
$575 (2+ Brains)

30 Days

$800 (One Brain)
$1,000 (2+ Brains)

Pay It Forward Referrals

Have you benefited from NeurOptimal® brain training? Do you know someone under stress that could benefit as well? PAY IT FORWARD by encouraging a friend to try Brain Training Lounge and receive 25% Off a session for each new client paid booking.

The rules are simple:

  1. Eligible referrals do not include immediate family members. Refer your extended family, friends & colleagues!
  2. Ask them to mention your name at their first appointment.
  3. You’ll receive 25% off a future training session.
  4. Participants may redeem one discounted Pay It Forward referral session per calendar month.

Thank you for spreading the word and trusting BTL with your referrals!

What People Are Experiencing

What People Are Experiencing